What exactly is “hybrid learning”?


A mix of different forms of learning enables everyone to learn flexibly and individually regardless of time and to train their new skills in a targeted manner.

Think back to the mostly dreaded “role play with subsequent video feedback” from your previous seminar visits. Only a few participants had actually achieved a lasting positive effect through these time-consuming exercises. And companies have invested a lot of money for them.

Today almost every seminar participant has either a smartphone, a tablet or a computer with a camera. Your employees already have the prerequisites for digital and, above all, sustainable training.


Our experts will create the script for the practice-oriented „KeyFact-Movie“ together with you. This means that only content is conveyed that is relevant to the employees of your company.

Your employees practice the communication skills required today 24/7 – whenever and wherever they want.
You will receive feedback from experts with industry experience or, optionally, from your managers.

You receive measurable and sustainable training at only 1/3 of the usual training costs. And your employees stay productive throughout their training.

New employees can join your in-house training program at any time.


Agree on the key facts

In a conversation (online or in person), the client and the expert agree on the specific key facts for the movie (or the content of the face-to-face training) as well as the selected scenarios and the training period. The leaders of the participants are also initiated and activated as “mentors” in good time.


Learn and train

The participants look at the scenes of the key fact movie as often as they need to for their understanding. Immediately after each key fact scene, you are asked to train the corresponding conversation scenario using your smartphone, tablet or computer. You will receive your feedback within 24 hours from the expert you already know from the key fact movie. The “best practice function” enables them to learn from their own “high performances”.

Learning to monitor success and next steps

After the agreed training period, the client and the expert analyze the achievement of the learning objectives. Further measures for this learning group or any further training needs that arise can now be taken into account and implemented in a targeted manner.