Building industry & subconstruction work

From construction – and exclusively for construction

Management Level Recruiting

Companies in the building industry are getting the most appropriate upper and middle management coworkers.

Businesses in this industrial sector can rely on our 20 years experience in engineering and business consultancy – exclusively in this sector.

Our large network and a lot of contacts in this industry is your guarantee to bring new coworkers with the right and best compentences and skills in your company.

Employee Training & Development

Partecipants and companies are getting trainings designed on their requirements.

Transfer of knowledge and social competences with well thought settings, based on sustainability and group dynamics.


  • Personal appearance
  • Rhetoric
  • Presentation techniques
  • Communication
  • Conflict management

Strategical business companionship & organisation development

  • Business analysis
  • Strategy meeting executive board
  • Strategy meeting management team


  • Ongoing evaluation – assumptions and targets
  • Deduction of next actions
  • Half-yearly checks
  • Workshop for relevant topics
  • Yearly development with concrete action plans



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